Performance You

A free anonymous professional feedback platform.

Your Feedback

Onistly is a free professional feedback platform that puts you in control. You control the process and the data so you can grow to your full potential faster and more efficiently.



Unbiased feedback is the ultimate tool for professional growth.

Real Feedback

Get unbiased feedback from your peers and professional contacts.

Just for You

Feedback that is managed by you and meant just for you. Not HR.


Track your feedback trends and professional growth over time.


Use it anytime, anywhere and wherever your career takes you.

Not Your HR's 360 Review

Onistly is not like a company 360 review. It's easy and just for you so you can control your data and get ahead of your career no matter where you work now or later. Also it's free.


Using the Onistly platform is simple and easy.


Build Profile

Easily build your team with peer contacts you want feedback from.


Request Feedback

A feedback request is sent to a list of peers you choose.


Get Feedback

Get anonymous feedback from your peers after three have replied.


Track & Grow

Use your feedback response to learn and grow over time.


Have some questions? Here are a few common ones:


Does Onistly Cost?

No. Onislty is a free platform for professionals to learn and grow to their fullest potential. Just promise us you'll grow.


Are Responses Anonymous?

Yes. Users pick evaluators but responses are averaged and only sent to the user when at least three evaluators respond.


Who Sees My Feedback?

Just you. The feedback you get is yours and you control it. We take privacy seriously.


Business Solutions?

Yes. We'd love to help your organization or team grow too. Onistly for organizations is also free. Contact us today to start.